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Polish treats


Welcome to Polish Treats!

I was born in Poland and was always surrounded by great, passionate cooks-my babcia, and mama, who cooked from their heart.

Now I have the opportunity to share my experience and passion with you. I make Polish cakes and cookies using only traditional recipes that have been passed down in my family for generations.

I use natural and local ingredients, making everything from scratch without preservatives or additives.

Come and grab rich, traditional, homemade pczek (donut)!




Polish Treats is currently only taking telephone and email orders. 

“For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake.” 

- Alfred Hitchcock -

It's not only about cakes!

Here I share some of my favourite recipes

Knedle with Plum

Nalesniki (pancakes)


125 g plain flour
15 g caster sugar
pinch of salt
2 eggs
325 ml of milk
100 ml of whipping cream 30% or 36%
grated orange peel

Mix sieved flour, sugar and salt in to a bowl. Add eggs, 100 ml of milk, stirring constantly with a whisk. Add the remaining milk and cream mix until you get a smooth batter. Set the dough in a warm place for an hour.

Add orange peel before frying. Fry on the pan with a little oil, the best is grape-seed or brown rice oil. Pan has to be very hot. Pour a thin layer of dough and fry for about 1 minute at medium burner power. When the entire surface of the pancake is covered with air bubbles, flip the pancake and fry another 30 - 40 seconds, until brown. Transfer to the plate.

Serve with quark mix with cream, sugar, raisins and orange peel.

Kopytka (potato dumplings) 

They can taste great with so many things. You need 2 big potatoes, peel and then cook them in salted water. Cool them slightly and mince. Put them in a mixing bowl, add one egg, salt and as much flour as you will be able to form elastic dough, about 50 to 100g, but it depends how starchy the potatoes are. Transfer the dough to the board, shape it into many small rolls and cut into 3 cm long pieces. Put the dumplings into a large pan of salted boiling water and cook for 2-3 minutes. When the dumplings emerge on the surface remove them with a slotted spoon. Now you can fry them on the pan with oil mixed with butter, or serve with your favourite sauce.


Contact Me

Magdalena TEL: 0405608014

I take pre-orders, which you can either collect before (from Wantirna South), or at the next market. Please contact me to make an order, and for further details.

Success! Message received.

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